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At the moment we all have time on our hands. Its the perfect time to clear and de clutter your kids clothing and accessories.

It’s a job that many of us put on the ‘too hard’ list, and with good reason, but we have some simple steps that will have you clutter-free in no time! 

Make your kids Wardrobes Clutter-Free!

Are your kids clothes squeezed into overcrowded wardrobes and a new school or nursery year just around the corner, you’ll be glad to get some much needed space back in the house.

Plus, you can start the new school year with a renewed sense of calm – and let’s be honest – that’s something we are all striving for!

If you’re up for it, you could even get your little ones involved in the clean out. However if you do, I would allow for a bit more time and a lot more mess of course!

You can also sell your secondhand kids clothes for some extra cash to give your purse a boost too!

So let’s get to it! Here are our 5 simple steps for a clutter-free wardrobe:

Give Yourself Time To De-clutter

Find some free time, and choose some good music. It’s worth giving yourself at least an hour or two for each room. You’ll need it!

Make sure you have some space to put the clothes and toys.

Clean Out All Drawers And Wardrobes

Empty the wardrobes and drawers completely. It’s much easier to sort through your stuff this way. Plus it gives you a chance to wipe it all down or give it a quick vacuum.

Quickly Sort Clothes Into Piles

Here comes the fun part!

Sort through the clothing, shoes as quickly as you can.

You might find you’ll need to create a number of piles to sort the clothes into such as keep, repurpose, donate, sell, hand down, keep for another sibling, needs a good wash and the inevitable – I can’t bear to part with (they were soooo teeny tiny) items!

There might be some clothes that still fit that you find your child doesn’t like or wear, you can pack these away or decide to give them a new life by selling them to someone who’d love them!

If you are also doing a clean out of toys, consider what ones are still used, or what have been outgrown and do the same as above.

Organise The Clothes You Want To Keep  

Of the items you are going to keep, group them together so it’s easier to put them away, such as long sleeves, shorts, socks and underwear etc. You’ll also be grateful you’ve done this when you are trying to get your little one dressed and out the door on time in the busy morning rush!

Hang, fold and put away your items. Hang as many items as possible so it’s easier to find them and it frees up lots of space too!                                                                                                                                                                

Quality Check Items To Be Sold

Now, with the items you have remaining, it’s worth having a good look through to check for stains, rips or other imperfections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       There may be some stuff in there that is a bit worn but still in great condition that you would like to hand down to a friend or donate to a good cause.                                                                                                                       

For the items that are a bit worse for wear, think about how you can re-purpose them instead of sending them straight to the bin – you could even check out Pintrest for some ideas on how to give them a creative new life!                                                                                                                                                                                     

For the items that are still in excellent condition, set aside to wash and get ready to sell!

Selling your second hand kids clothes on Kidieez will give you the benefit of selling for cash. 

You’re all done! How simple is that!  

Now you are clutter-free and ready for 2020!     


Blog by Gillian Evans  

CO-Founder of Kidieez, buy & sell second-hand kids’ clothing and accessories

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