You have to be aged 16 or older to sign up for an account, to use Kidieez community store.

What about PayPal?

You need to be 18, or the legal contract age in your country, to create a PayPal account. The age restrictions are due to the fact that when you open a PayPal account, you are agreeing to their legally binding contract.                                                                

You can pay for Kidieez purchases through PayPal. To do this log into you PayPal account. Click on the "Send and Request" tab at the top of your Paypal summary page. Enter the seller email Kidieez has been given you to pay the seller and click the next button. Enter the purchase price Kidieez have provided and click continue. Click the Send Money Now button to transfer your payment.                                                                                                                                                                    

If you’re not 18, but would like to sell or buy items through Kidieez we always ask you to talk to your parent or guardian. Don’t forget that using anyone’s PayPal account or payment card without permission is illegal.