While we want you to have fun, we also need your help to keep Kidieez community store a safe and enjoyable marketplace for everyone. Always make sure you are friendly and fair when dealing with other users, don’t get into fights or name calling, respond quickly and make sure you ship your items fast - just think how you would like to be treated and act accordingly!  

Kidieez never be an outlet for negativity and abuse against other users or Kidieez staff. This includes, but is not limited to:  

 - Posting screenshots with negative or accusatory comments. 

- Commenting or sending private messages of an aggressive, offensive or harassing nature.

- Responding to emails from Kidieez with aggressive or offensive language.

We have a zero tolerance policy on abuse and harassment so you will be immediately removed from the platform if you are offensive or break our rules.

If you experience any harassment, please let us know by clicking the Report this add button under one of the offending users advertisements. This will take you to the contact page. We need as much detail as possible in the message box to act quickly, so please include screen shots if you can.