1. What is Kidieez?

    Kidieez is the new way to shop. Buy, and Sell quality baby products and kids clothes. Join our community of eco-concious sellers and buyers.  Buying & selling made easy.   A picture tells a thousand words. Sell by taking a great picture. Read more.

  2. Do I pay listing and selling fees

    Kidieez is a free service. There are no listing fees and no selling fees. Read more.

  3. Account Set Up

    How old do I have to be to use Kidieez? You have to be aged 16 or older to sign up to Kidieez. What about PayPal? You need to be 18, or the legal contract age in your country, to create a PayPal account. The age restrictions are due to the fact that when you open a PayPal account, you are agreeing to their legally binding contract. You can pay for Kidieez purchases through PayPal. To do… Read more.

  4. How do I edit my profile details?

    To update your profile and personal information: 1. Click on the "My Account" tab at top of the Kidieez homepage. 2. Click on the Edit Profile tab in the drop down menu.In the profile section, you can change your profile details, Password and profile picture. Read more.

  5. Can I change my username?

    To change your username. Click on the "My Account" tab at the top of the kidieez homepage, when you are loged into your account.                                                                            … Read more.

  6. How do I sell an item?

    1. List your item for sale. Log into or create a new account. Click on the "Publish New" tab on the top right of Kidieez home Page.                                                                           … Read more.

  7. How to buy safely

    1. Always pay through Kidieez using Paypal. This way if something goes wrong we can work to quickly rectify the situation and you will be able to claim a refund through Paypal if your item doesn't arrive or is significantly not as described. Never pay for an item via bank transfer,  concealed cash or any other out of Kidieez platform methods - this is strictly against our Terms of Service and… Read more.

  8. How to write a good description

    1. Tell us everything you can about the item. Tell us everything you can about the item. Again, not only are more informed buyers more likely to make a purchase, the more we know about your item, the more search results and suggested items it will show up in, and more people will see it. The more people who see your item, the higher the odds it will sell. 2. Make sure to note any and all flaws,… Read more.

  9. I'd like a refund

    All refunds should be arranged between you and the seller.                                                                                                … Read more.

  10. How do I refund my buyer?

    All refunds must be arranged between the buyer and the seller. You can refund your buyer from your Paypal account by doing the following: 1. Log in to your Paypal account. 2. In Paypal homepage dashboard scroll down page to find payments. 3. Find the purchase payment you would like to refund and click on payment details. 4. Click the refund this payment link. 5. Enter the refund amount… Read more.

  11. Shipping Guide UK

    The seller is always responsible for shipping an item to a buyer How to set shipping costs on your items 1. When listing an item for sale. Add shipping cost when completing details of listing under Publish New on Kidieez home page. 2. For free shipping, leave the price field at zero. 3. To charge the buyer for Domestic shipping enter your shipping price when publishing new advertisement.… Read more.

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