The seller is always responsible for shipping an item to a buyer

How to set shipping costs on your items

1. When listing an item for sale. Add shipping cost when completing details of listing under Publish New on Kidieez home page.

2. For free shipping, leave the price field at zero.

3. To charge the buyer for Domestic shipping enter your shipping price when publishing new advertisement.

Shipping prices are based on the size and weight of the item. and how far it has to travel. It's best to work out the weight and size of your item and get a postage cost estimates from your delivery courier for the region you are shipping to.

Remember you will need to purchase packaging so take this into consideration when thinking about what you want to charge the buyer for shipping.                                                                                                                                                                             

1. Package your item.
Place your item in a box or shipping envelope, available at office supply stores or the post office. To make sure everything arrives in one clean piece, pack your items well.

2. Keep your buyer informed. Send your buyer a message thanking them and letting them know when you plan to ship.

2. Keep your buyer informed. Send your buyer a message thanking them and letting them know when you plan to ship.         

3. Ship ASAP using tracked delivery. We recommend you use tracked shipping. As both buyer and seller can track the item.

4. Follow-up with your buyer. Message your buyer to let them know that you've shipped their item and supply them with a tracking number. This will inform the buyer and there will be less need for them to chase you up on when to expect the delivery.

Only send the item to the address shown to you through Kidieez. If the buyer asks you to ship to another address, let them know you will have to refund their money, and ask them to update their Kidieez address and buy the item again.

Keep proof of postage. If something goes wrong with the transaction, it's likely you'll need to show you've sent the item. Keep in mind that in order to be valid and accepted by Paypal, your proof of postage needs to contain a tracking number, the first line of the buyer's address, the buyer's postcode and the date of shipping. If you don't want to hang on to loads of receipts, take photos of them to save on your phone.

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