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FRP sculpture is a finished type of sculpture. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and relatively low cost. FRP is also known as FRP, scientifically known as fiber-reinforced plastic, and it is traditionally called FRP in China. It is a composite material composed of synthetic resin as matrix material and glass fiber and its products as reinforcement materials.
Glass fiber reinforced plastics production process: before the finished product is made, the product to be made is made with a specific clay plastic material to make the corresponding product to be made. After the clay plastic draft is completed, the gypsum outer mold is turned over, and then the glass fiber reinforced plastic (that is, resin and glass fiber cloth Thing) painted inside the outer mold. Wait for it to dry out and open the outer mold. After the mold closing process, you can get the finished FRP sculpture. However, the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture has been deformed, fragile and cracked after more than five years of exposure to the sun and wind erosion outdoors.China Fiberglass Statue
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