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Cutting Blend 175 (Rip Cut 175) Semi-finished Steroids Injections Cutting Blend 175 (Rip Cut 175 mg) Testosterone propionate 75mg Dromostanolone propionate 50mg Trenbolone acetate 50mg Recipe/Formula of Cutting Blend 175mg @1000ml Raws Steroid Powder: Testosterone propionate 75g, Masteron 50g, Trenbolone acetate 50g. BA: 20ml ; BB:200ml; Then adequate GSO to make total volume of solution at 1000 ml How do we deliver? As for 10kg , we could use stealth packages to cover customs, subpackage is a good choice. As for over 10kg, we could change product name to pass customs, such as DL mandelic acid, all profiles settled down. How to finish the payment? 100% T/T, Moneygram, Western Union and Bitcoin.No paypal, Paypal commission charge is too high, couldn't afford it;Our products are special, easy to track our own informations through paypal, too risky for us;Once the account is frozen, it will take long time to wait it available,delivery delayed. How should we do if products lost? We have rich experience to export worldwide, excellent stealth packages and good delivery company will help. If parcels get seized, there is perfect reship policy, no need to pay for the second time. We will be your best supplier based on favorable quotation and good quality. Our main products in stock: Anabolic Steroid Powders Semi-finished Steroid liquid Peptides Male enhancement powder Pain Killer Powders Nootropic Agent(Smart Drugs) Antidepressant SARM Series Fat Loss Solvents for Steroids: BA, BB, GSO, Guaiacol, EO, PEG etc. Tools & Devices: Filter,Crimper,Vials, caps, ect. Our advantages: Over 15years specialized in this field,Professional & Experienced sevices provided. 1. Best prices with High quality.We have complete QA&QC system;steroid powder purity is more than 99% hplc. We use the right recipe to cook the injectable steroid oil. All our order will send out after passing the test exam. 2. Rich experienced in delivering the parcels to you.The most disguise package and the most professional shipping company to ensure safe delivery. . 3. Enough stock ensure the prompt delivery time. 4. Good after-sales service. 5. Specials are possible when the order is big enough. 6. The most important thing is that we have resend policy to protect you 100%.bulk Blend Steroids Injections website: