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Product Introduction
Textile and dyeing industrial waste water usually contains a lot of raw materials and by-products, such as halides, nitro, amino, aniline, phenols and other organic series and some inorganic salts such as sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, sulphate, high concertration, high toxicity, general COD up to 1000-73000mg/L; Dye wastewater is more acidic, some are alkaline, generally large salt content.
For the characteristics of textile and dyeing industrial wastewater that are difficult to decolorize and difficult to treat. Relying on a strong technical team, our factory has developed polyaluminium chloride designed to treat textile and dyeing industrial wastewater, and popular in domestic and foreign markets.
Product Specification
Product name(Al2O3)%AppearanceBasicity%Water insoluble%
Polyaluminium chloride28%Brown granule80-1001.5%max
Polyaluminium chloride30%Yellow granule80-1001.5%max
polyaluminium chloride28%-30%Yellow powder30-951.5%max
Product Benefits
1.: Have quick forming, good activity and good filtering property.
2.: Wide adaptability to PH value, strong adaptability, Wide range of applications.
3.: The water purification effect is good, can purity the high temperature high turbid water, low temperature low turbid water.
4.: Easy soluble in water, stable quality.
5.: High-efficiency, less dosage.
Packing and Deliver
1: Packing of light yellow polyaluminium chloride
1). In two-layer bag with the interior in plastic bag and the exterior in woven.
2). 25KG/BAG, 1000KG/BAG
3). Customized as your inquirement
2: Delivery
1). For samples, delivery time is within 24 hours
2). For order, according to the actual situation to determine the appropriate delivery date.Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC suppliers
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