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Mostly purpose
ZW□-12GG/630-20type high-voltage dual power inter-transfer decive(hereinafter called device)is composed of one set of high-voltage vacuum vircult breaker and intelligent controller.applied in ac50hz dual power supply system with tated voltage of 12kv ,rated current to 630a,when one way of power supply is cutting off or under voltage,it can automatically transfer into the other normal power supply to ensure the continuity of power supply.meanwhile it owns protection of interlock function for short-circult and over current,which effciently avoid unnecessary power supply impact once more in load fault,for electricity cutting off of common used power supply the device can do auto transfer of standby power supply to ensure safety and reliability,and it also do selective transfer between the two ways according to load requl is especially applicable as key electric control device of continuous power supply for key localtion where doesnot allow electric cutting is a auto self-transfer product with new design,perfect performance,reliable safety,high automatization and wide use,it ensure the total disconnecting of the tow ways product is applicable for users who require high reliability and safety dual power supply as control and protection for power system.
Technic parameter
rated voltagekv12
maximum working voltagekv12
rated currenta630
rated short current switching current (peak value)ka50
rated peak value withstand currentka50
1minrated short time withstand currentka20
rated insulation levelpower frequency withstand coltagekv42
lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)75
rated operating sequence o-0.3s-co-180s-co
mechanism lifetimes10000
breaking current frequency under rated shout circlttimes30
operating mechanism rated switch-on voltagev220
operating mechanism rated switch-off voltagev220
contact openingmm9±1
three-phase switching on or off non-synchroneityms≤2
contact closing bounce timems≤2
average switch of speeds1.2±0.2
switch-off timeunder maximum operation voltages0.025-0.05
under minimum operation voltage0.03-0.06
switch-on times0.025-0.05
loop resistanceμΩ≤180
each phase loop dc resistancemm3Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Breaker factory
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