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This false eyelash is just like real eyelash very natural looking just like your own!!
Wink: Very natural looking with longer and curly lashes at the corner of the eye.
Create a round eye natural and lovely impression
Eyelash toughness is better, durable, good durability
The elasticity is very good
Do you want to get more different chemical fiber eyelashes?
No problem锛?We are the way you choose hundreds.
If you're looking for the perfect eyelashes and then look at the beauty, the eyelashes are superb! I get feedback from customers, they have common feelings about our eyelashes.
Q : What kind of material eyelashes do you have?
A : We could supply different material eyelashes,such as human hair,real mink fur, synthetic,silk and so on.
Q : Could you supply the samples for free?
A : Yeah,we could supply the samples to customer for free,so that you could check our quality and service through this way.3D Synthetic Lashes
  • Created: 07-07-20
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