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Shanghai Sheeny Metal Materials Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2015, (hereinafter referred to as Eternal-Element) focusing on the business of foil materials, including nonferrous metals, metals or alloy sputtering targets, arc cathodes, high purity evaporation materials, precious metals, rare elements, laser crystals, sputtering targets etc.
With rapid development of global science and technology, various high-purity elements, alloys, compounds, targets etc.will essential to us .Eternal-Element Specializes in advanced materials filed based on cooperated plants in Jiangxi (rare earth smelting),Hunan( rare precious metal) and Jiangsu(chemical industry)province.
We also cooperating with institutes affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences and universities including Fudan University, Shanghai University, Sichuan University and establishing joint research projects group. We also combined top universities and research institutes worldwide of scientists to provide advanced technologies and advices to improve competitiveness of manufacturers in China.
Rare Earth Element Factory
Non-Ferrous Metal Factory
China Rare Element Factory
Eternal-Element has established an innovative and complete producing, researching and selling system, which is oriented by the marketing development, based on the research resource of university and guided by the direction of industry.
Our products and service are widely accepted and recognized by clients worldwide including Korea, Japan, America, Europe and Middle East.
Rare Earth Element Supplier
China Non-Ferrous Metal Factory
Non-Ferrous Metal Supplier
Eternal-Element can be your long term and reliable supplier !Gadolinium Metal/ Sputtering Target price
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