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The product is a general name of all machinery used for all kinds of animal feed making, and other related auxiliary machinery of this project in the factory, normally they connect each other and cannot work separatly.
list for whole feed plant
鈽?Main machinery: Hammer mill, micro hammer mill, mixer, dosing machine, mixer, pellet mill, extruder, cooler, packing machine;
鈽?Conveying machinery: Screw conveyor, bucket elecvator, chain conveyor;
鈽?Auxiliary machinery: Oil adding machine, air compressor, electric hoist, boiler, spare parts;
鈽?Cleaning machinery: Dust cleaner, magnet separator, cyclone;
鈽?Electric control & site material & steel structure for equipment
Each machine has several models for different processing requirements, our engineer will provide reasonble suggestion about the machine model choosing per your project situation.
Why making animal feed plant flow chart for primary offer making
The feed mill plant flow chart expresses the relationship between the various processes in the whole process of processing the feed ingredients to the finished feed products.
It is a way of using diagrams to convey plant process data and information, and is a way to describle the process using process and equipment symbols rather than words. People using flow chart aims to improve the efficiency of information exchange.
From the flow chart, you can find which equipment you may use through its symbols, the material flow and the processing order from beginning to the end. We also can estimate the equipment workshop area and total height approximately.
Auxiliary equipment list and main function introduciton
Oil adding equipment: adding oil/molasses per the ingredient content;
Conveying equipment: conveying materials/ feed products from one machine to the next;
Boiler: supplying high temperature steam to the air containers for pelleting in the pellet mill.
Electric control system: used to control the whole processing automatically;
Air compress: providing compressed air to the whole production line.
Spare parts: means all parts which may need replacement during the feed production, and its service life may different per different processing.
Quality controlling
In order to make sure all equipments we peoduced are qualified to our customers, we have a professional QC team to control the feed equipments production, and they have strict QC standard from the raw mateiral till machinery packing & delivery loading in our factory, such as irregular sampling of raw materials, full inspection of finished equipment, rationality of semi-finished materials, quality inspection of welding and assembly, appearance and packaging etc.Customized Animal Feed Mill Plant
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