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1.Product introduce
Mullet flesh thick, taste delicious, nutritious, containing 22% protein, is thin bones, fish sweet and not greasy, not only as a hotel, restaurant banquet food and the people, food, and if its processing fish mi, fish balls, fish fillet, canned fish, and other products, can be more nutrition, health, convenient and delicious with food, and the eggs can make caviar, more of a well-known Chinese and foreign great delicacy.Mullet can be steamed, Fried or greased in oil in a variety of ways.Chaoshan people like to cook mullet and mullet with a small dish of puning bean sauce.Mullet also has medicinal value, and its fish taste is sweet and even, and has the functions of strengthening spleen, invigorating qi, and relieving food stagnation, etc. It has certain curative effect on the treatment of spleen deficiency, dyspepsia, infantile malnutrition, anemia and other diseases.
2.Product specifications
Grey mullet shell grey mullet whole rould remove roe processed product.
Chinese Seafood Frozen Grey Mullet shell
Size: 1.5kg up
3.Artificial propagation technique
Mullet breeding season in China during the winter, the water temperature above 20 ℃, required to breed requirements above 18 ‰ salinity, best at about 30 ‰.Therefore, the breeding sites of larval fish must be selected in areas with high salinity, good water quality and good fresh water sources.Convenient transportation and sufficient electricity are also necessary.Because the whole process of breeding and seedling needs to be carried out under the condition of heat preservation, geothermal water or factory hot water is more ideal, which can save energy.4. The existing winter facilities in the coastal shrimp farms can also be used for mullet breeding.
Q1. What's your Payment terms?
A: We are mainly doing with two payment terms: 30%TT prepayment, 30% against shipping documents and balance at sight; LC at sight.
Q2. What's your delivery time?
A: It will be 3 days after prepayment or LC for raw material, and 20 another days after prepayment or LC for processing products.
Q3. Can you do packing with our LOGO?
A: Yes, we can do packing details.
Q4. Is there a minimum order amount?
A: Usually we require a 20'FCL for delivery orders, also we could accept a trial order for for new customers.
5.Our company
Our company has formed a completed chain of cold storage, processing and trade, with modern foreign and domestic professional processing equipment. We obey the principle “Quality First”, and devote to providing high-quality products ad service.
Our company has a skillful and excellent sales team, we are ready to provide good products and service for our clients, we look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperation relationship with you. Grey Mullet manufacturers
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